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What sparked your passion for Infinite Banking?

From the moment that I started diving into the world of the Infinite Banking Concept I knew that there was something special here that no one ever talk about. The one thing that really attracted me in the beginning was how I could have used this concept to invest better either in the stock market or real estate and second that my initial capital would never be touched. Knowing that I could now control the flow of money and accumulate capital in a safe warehouse opened my mind to wealth transfer not only one generation down but forever. 

Can you share a transformative experience from your advising career?

The day that I explained the IBC concept and process to a friend of mine and they understood it right away. They now were telling me how amazing this concept was and they started the process before I was even able to complete my training. I knew at that moment that I had something special in my hands that people needed to know about. 

What hobbies or passions enrich your life outside of work?

At this point in my life, it’s spending time with my family that fuels me. I want to be there as much as I can and see my kids grow up and share moments with them. We want to travel and experience what the world has to offer together.

Who has been the most influential in shaping your financial philosophy?

I don't believe there to be one single person or event that has shaped it, but more like a series of events and people that have led me to this point here today. From the moment I first started being interested in trading stock years ago, to diving into the world of finance and Crypto, all the books, trainings and information that I have learned, has brought me here today. Realizing that before you do any of that, you need to secure your money. IBC offers that security, that foundation from which to build and finance everything else in your lifetime. That being said, today I am surround by an amazing team that is shaping the future of this concept and they now inspire me and influence me each and every day.

What three career milestones have been most impactful for you?

  1. Making the decision to become am FSA
  2. Becoming a certified IBC practitioner with the Nelson Nash Institute
  3. Having the opportunity to work with an amazing Team at CWCC to share the the message of the Infinite Banking Concept with people all across Canada.

How do you tailor your strategies to individual client needs?

It all starts with assessing the clients needs and wants. Looking at where they are now and where do they want to be in the next 5, 10, 15 years. We dive into their financial situation, unpack everything, brain storm and map everything out. We strategize together so that they are the ones making the decisions and I am only there as a guide and sounding board. Helping and coaching along the way. I hope to create a relationship of trust not only for the present client but also for their children, family members and friends.

What qualities do you appreciate in a client, and how do these enhance your work together? 

The future is bright for the infinite banking concept, although IBC might not be a good fit for everyone, I think everyone needs to know about it.

One thing that I will always tell my clients is to continue their education and learning on IBC, that they shouldn’t just take my take my word for it. So my clients have to be willing to learn, have to keep an open mind and be creative.

This is not a cookie cutter concept. It will be different for everyone.

Communication is essential, since we need to work together to achieve the goal that they set out for themselves.

Finally, they must have a long term vision. IBC is not something that you do 1 to 2 years and then try something else. There has to be commitment and they have to think long range. If someone is looking for quick fix, this is not it. Then maybe we need to go back and revisit the grocery store example!