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Through my life's journey, I've gained a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by families who are disadvantaged by the system and who aspire to break out of it in order to not only face everyday challenges, but also prepare for a better future. Personally, I've often had to start from scratch and begin anew on several occasions. I know how crucial it is to get off on the right foot. Finding this opportunity has been a blessing for me, and I'm dedicated to helping all communities seize this great opportunity.

What sparked your passion for Infinite Banking?

My passion for Infinite Banking began when I realized that with a single strategy and the right financial vehicle, I could help families regain confidence in their financial future. I immediately began putting this principle into practice and feeling the benefits. I have a powerful tool that allows me to look to the future with confidence. My burning desire to help and my commitment to others led me to share this solution with families, helping them to free themselves from poverty and move forward.

Can you share a transformative experience from your advising career?

A friend of mine had some savings and wanted to invest in real estate, buy a car and keep saving. According to popular belief, he wouldn't be able to do all this within his limited budget. So I taught him the Infinite Bank concept, and we worked out a plan that allowed him to save in his insurance policy, funding his down payment with money guaranteed by the cash surrender value of his policy. When he repaid his down payment, he was able to buy a car. I was delighted to see that he enjoyed the experience so much that he recommended me and is now considering expanding his personal banking system to recapture even more expenses.

What hobbies or passions enrich your life outside of work?

I'm passionate about computers, science and history. I love understanding the relationships between facts and deconstructing them into simple notions or explanations.

Who has been the most influential in shaping your financial philosophy?

Of course, José Salloum, Robert Kiyosaki, and Nelson Nash have been strong inspirations in structuring my financial education. The principle I've retained is that debt is money when well understood, and money must circulate. It's essential to store it in assets rather than in currency, which is merely a medium of exchange.

What three career milestones have been most impactful for you?

A major milestone in my career was to generate close to $100,000 in premiums on a single transaction, but above all to convey to the customer the full scope of the opportunities he was about to seize.

How do you tailor your strategies to individual client needs?

The fundamental principle of my approach is to listen carefully to my customers' needs. Then, I encourage the customer to take control of their destiny, starting with the most important investment of all: learning about the Infinite Bank concept by reading the book "Becoming Your Own Banker". Together with the customer, we then develop a joint strategy on how to use this process to help them achieve their goals. Thereafter, I maintain a regular follow-up and remain available to guide my clients through their journey.

What qualities do you appreciate in a client, and how do these enhance your work together? 

The ideal customer for me would be someone who is thoughtful, level-headed and logical, with an open and daring mind. She's curious and ready to learn new things. When something makes sense to her, she is proactive in improving her life. She thinks long term and wants to make a positive impact in the lives of her family and community.