The Canadian Infinite Banking Summit
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The Canadian Infinite Banking Summit

Join us for: The Canadian Infinite Banking Summit

We are thrilled to extend an invitation to our upcoming seminar on the Family Banking System specifically designed for Canadians, taking place at the prestigious Mont Blanc, in Laval. This event promises to provide valuable insights into managing your family finances, structuring businesses, and successfully integrating financial strategies with family development.

  • Unlock the Power of the Family Banking System: Discover how you can redefine your family's financial future and create a lasting legacy with the Family Banking System and the Infinite Banking Concept BootCamp
  • Tax-Efficient Strategies: 
    Discover how to maximize your wealth tax-efficiently, tailored to the Canadian financial landscape.
  • Financial Education for Everyone: 
    Gain insights into effective financial strategies for all family members, from the oldest to the youngest.
  • Tailored Financial Solutions: 
    Explore personalized plans for education, entrepreneurship, retirement, and more.
  • Building a Lasting Family Legacy: 
    Craft a legacy that goes beyond wealth, embedding values of responsibility and financial wisdom.
  • Financial Independence: 
    Break free from traditional financial dependencies, gaining control and flexibility over your family's financial decisions.
  • The foundation of the Infinite Banking: Multi-Generational Wealth Management: Learn how to create a self-sustaining financial legacy for your family's future generations.
  • A Safety Net for Your Family: 
    Learn to create a robust financial buffer for emergencies and opportunities alike

This interactive seminar will also have a dedicated question-and-answer session, allowing attendees to gain specific insights into their personal situations. Your registration will include a light breakfast, coffee, and t ea will be available throughout the day.

Event details:


Le Mont Blanc:

1950 Rue Notre-Dame-de-Fatima, Laval, QC H7G 4X8

Date & Time:

Date: January 20th, 2024

Time: 8:00 AM to 5 PM EST

Attendance Fee:

Your ticket includes:

Before the Summit:

Ticket to live event ($149 Value)

Invite 4 of your friends at reduced price

During the Summit

A light breakfast (8 am) + all day coffee and a amazing lunch

After the Summit

1 on 1 Personal Coaching ($400 Value)

Customized Road map ($100 Value)

Registrations are closed
Date & Time
Saturday, January 20, 2024
8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. (America/New_York)

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Le Mont Blanc

1950 Rue Notre-Dame-de-Fatima
Laval Qc H7G 4X8
--Le Mont Blanc--

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